Here’s where to get the best ramen in Tokyo

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Due to the prolonged attack by the US against the Soviet Union, many in Japan have begun replacing the typical ramen with a more Western style. Popular enough in Japan, it now serves as a dominant form of ramen in the rest of Asia as well. In the United States and Europe, it is often served as entree or appetizer, often alongside Western-style dishes such as chicken wings or burritos. As with any style of ramen, some ramen shops focus on using high-quality ingredients such as extra-firm noodles, bone broth, and hearty chicken broth. Other ramen shops opt for the local speciality like temaki rice noodles or northern miso soup.

In Japan, the term “Nagasaki style” is known as “mokku” which basically translates to “black” or “black flakes” as the noodles, soup, and broth all contain black flavor. This particular style is much lighter and more flatter that most. The broth can vary depending on how much salt is added or whether chicken broth is used. Generally, a lower amount of salt helps to intensify the flavor while keeping the soup from being too salty. Additionally, less broth than usual is added.

To successfully execute an entree-style ramen, Japanese chefs must begin with the broth and use the ingredients to make soups. Choosing a broth and egg is important in determining the style of soup. Traditionally, shoyu, one of Japan’s national foods, is an essential ingredient, being made from soybeans that are enriched with canola oil. The other important addition is a bit of seafood, such as seafood juice. Usually chicken broth is used. Different broth additions help to intensify flavor. For instance, a little bit of cilantro, carrots, mustard, and rice wine would all add a bit of flavor while minimal amounts of ingredients would be of no help.

Many different kinds of noodles are used for noodles made in a nigiri style which leaves the set of spaghetti noodles intact. You cannot get nigiri style ramen at Hanashin Chashu Ramen which is often considered one of the best ramen shops in Tokyo. Other sushi ramen shops like Kitayama Ramen Shop in Seoul, have included extra-thick pasta shaped nigiri noodles as part of their menu in addition to wagyu-grilled bonito flakes or a touch of sea salt. For nigiri style ramen, ramen noodle forks are used. They are similar to a spork or spatula for a hot dog or pepperoni stick.

The difference between a shochu ramen and a whiskey ramen is that the shochu ramen has vinegar in its broth while the whiskey ramen only has the sweet essence of the whiskey in its broth.


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