Onomichi: A Shinjuku ramen shop you need to try

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The savory stock broth arrived in small quantities. Our server explained that the Japanese usually gather and eat ramen at about 8 p.m. after they’ve finished work. After his explanation, the server cleared the table of our friends, so we picked up the last spoonful of sauce and spoonful of hot broth and took a bite.

We took a few more slurps, felt dizzy and began to feel nauseous. We bit into it and gasped as it tasted like a smooth tomato soup-like broth.

After five minutes we were literally nauseous.

What is Onomichi style ramen?

The noodles were out of that bowl. We had about six small pieces left and took some of them to our table.

The sauce was quite good, nearly too much soy sauce!

Aside from a handful of ramen, we ordered six bento boxes of fried food. We had french fries, a big piece of chicken with sour cream, a tonkotsu chicken bowl, a wagyu hamburger, spring roll and a chaser of spicy macaroni salad.

The wagyu hamburger was great. The meat was perfectly cooked. The spicy macaroni salad was delicious. The french fries, the chicken sandwich and the spring roll were just a bit overcooked and just a bit overbaked.

I stopped by at the end of the meal to see what the new ramen shop was like. I tried the Onomichi vegetable ramen, then I tried the Onomichi tomato broth ramen.

Overall, we would love to come back and eat at Onomichi. I know the mushroom flavor wasn’t that bad. The Onomichi chicken was quite good, especially the ingredients inside.

At $13 for eight ramen meals and $29 for the bento box meal, we wish this place was open later. Hopefully, some day they will have enough ramen to go around and open up hours.

The restaurant was closed on the nights that we went.

While the restaurant was closed, the restaurant was full. We would hope that one day the restaurant would also be open when the restaurant is not busy.

We would also like to wish Onomichi the best.


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