Sapporo style ramen recipes still a mystery

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Ramen soup is thought to have originated from the Ryukyu region of Japan some 2,500 years ago. Since then, the recipe has evolved to include various ingredients.

The roll (with the spicy flakes at the end), corn, ramen and tonkotsu ingredients are common in ramen shops worldwide. But what is the basic ingredient of Sapporo style ramen that combines these, or maybe it’s just the sauce, or the broth itself? Sapporo style ramen is a secret, and usually so in the world of ramen.

The recipe is normally kept a mystery. How can anyone be sure that it’s the original seasoning — even in Japan — without knowing what the restaurant decided to use to spice the soup with?

According to Kentaro Sakamoto, from the Sapporo Ramen Association, people are starting to eat up on the secret ramen sauce, but everyone still believes it to be a secret. No one has the recipe. That’s a big secret in Japan.

While most restaurants in the world are familiar with tonkotsu — a hearty, savory broth that comes from pork bone, stock and water, with the addition of salt, sugar, mirin and pepper — some restaurants are starting to serve ramen noodles with other ingredients.

And in Sapporo, the traditional ramen is with soy sauce and shoyu. Using Takino, the blend of sesame, eel and sodium, it is traditionally enjoyed as a dipping sauce over noodles.


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