The price of ramen has changed in Japan

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Traditional ramen is delicious but expensive, making it highly difficult for most people to afford. In recent years, however, several innovative ramen manufacturers have developed new types, offering a broader variety of flavours. Their prices are also lower. Since ramen is very popular in Japan, and Ryuku is the number one brand, The Economist asked around to find out what make Japanese ramen tastes different from that made in other parts of the world.

So what is Kagoshima style ramen?

Kagoshima style ramen is one popular form of ramen in Japan and has been around for many years. The recipe includes pork (often brisket), chewy noodles, and often spicy and salty broth. As tradition has it, however, a small quantity of ginseng is added. But for some it can be tough to discern the difference.

Ryuku ramen


The biggest difference in Ryuku ramen is that it is made with use of fresh ramen noodles, which make its flavour more delicate than usual.

Ryuku ramen has received a lot of international acclaim. It has been praised for its taste, texture, and price — much lower than traditional ramen. However, many Japanese critics feel that the noodles used are not very fresh and do not have the best taste.

Ramen in other parts of the world

Some variants of ramen in other parts of the world use somen (granulated seaweed), simmered in different types of broth.

Toasty Ramen

Top soup

Pistachio broth

Stuffed soup

Roshokujo Ramen

Roasted garlic, tamarind

Falling Soup

Stick with ramen and see @ataxkashihiki for more info on Ramen in Tokyo — Benjamin I. Ayars (@benayars) June 22, 2018

Other popular Japanese ramen brands like Miyagi ramen and 7-up ramen rely on dried seaweed but they aren’t as popular as Ryuku ramen. All in all, Ryuku ramen is a good budget option if you’re looking for a variety of flavours that can be eaten at the sushi bar or social event you go to. However, Ryuku ramen comes with a higher price tag than other Japanese ramen brands.


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